[Thunar-dev] How to activate Thunar Archive Plugin drag-n-drop options menu

predaeus predaeus at gmx.net
Wed Jan 14 20:51:50 CET 2009


I am trying to understand the internals of drag-n-drop support and
found the related code inside the thunar, thunarx and TAP sources.

But for further understanding I would need to know when TAP shows its
options menu for dnd'ed archive files.

I've tried dragging a tar.bz2 test file (downloaded from xfce site)
onto directories and also between Thunar windows without the menu
showing up.

So what would be the use case to make TAP's dnd option menu appear?

Thank you for any response that can help me further understand how
dnd works with Thunar and what approaches plugins can take.

Best regards,


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