[Thunar-dev] Thunar improvement suggestion

v_2e at ukr.net v_2e at ukr.net
Wed Dec 2 20:53:32 CET 2009

  Hello, everyone!
  I've been reading all the discussions about "Tabs in Thunar" and related things and here what I thought:
1. We can clearly see that there really are many people who uses Thunar and wants it to have tabs. I'm not going to ground this point of view right now (for the 1001st time :) ), I can only say, that I perfectly understand this point of view (I've got the same, in fact).

2. We can also clearly see that Thunar has always been (and it must be) a light, fast and simple to use file manager. I think nobody will  object?

3. There are also many people who thinks the 2 things mentioned above are incompatible ("...the tabbed interface cannot be simple..."). I can perfectly understand those people too.

4. So what a solution can be in this case? I guess, the answer is simple: make this feature OPTIONAL. I would even say "strongly optional" in some sense. :)

5. Thinking of all said above, I decided that the only thing I can do right now is dream up a little. I mean I decided to imagine "Thunar with tabs". Of course, I am a very bad artist (in fact, I am a terrible artist or even not an artist at all :) ), but still I know what GIMP is ;)
  So, here what I've got:
Or even more brave solution:

  So, please understand me right. I just wanted to see by myself and to show everyone else how Thunar could look with tabs. Now you may decide whether such interface looks good or not (but who can say that it looks ugly? :) this is still our good old Thunar, just a little bit "tabbed" :) ).

  After all said above I'd like to hear your opinion on this topic. Are you or are you not agree with such Thunar interface's right to exist?

P.S. Anyway, while looking at the screenshots and thinking about all this, please keep in mind my words about "strongly optional" and that with only one tab it will still look like this:

P.P.S. Of course, I (and I believe -  we all) will use Thunar with or without tabs. That's because I just... love it. You know, it is like a good old friend to me :)

  Have a nice day!

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