[Thunar-dev] feature request: automatic detection of fuse-mounts in thunar's sidepane

Sandro Hannemann shannemann at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 11:09:45 CEST 2009

Dear dev-list,

I've been using thunar and xfce happily for some time now. It is great software.
I've got a question about Thunar. I searched the archives and some
documentation on your website, but could not find the information on
the following thing.

I use fusesmb to mount samba shares and sshfs to mount remote
filesystems. In practice I configure "custom actions" in thunar to
accomplish this and it works fine.
So far so good.
However, I noticed that many gtk-based programs, (like firefox,
thunderbird, evince, gimp a.s.o) detect the fusesmb or sshfs mounts in
a very comfortable way.
Their 'file-open' and 'file-save-as' dialogue windows show the fuse
mounts automatically and only in the case the shares are actually
mounted on their left side pane in the list of places. So that got me
thinking, whether it would be possible without too much hassle to do
the same in thunar.
The thing is only: I am no expert in gtk programming myself, so maybe
you  guys could assess how much of a change that really would be.
And I would be a really practical feature in Thunar.

What do you think? Could you include this in thunar?
Or am I just missing certain USE-flags or plugins to get that?
Thanks for your patience and keep up your good work.


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