[Thunar-dev] a new thunarx type

Steve Havelka smh at rs.tc
Fri Nov 14 01:08:35 CET 2008

Hi Thunar devs,

I'm writing to ask about a new thunarx extension type - to give the
possibility for an extension writer to add custom shortcuts in the
left-hand pane, in between the system-default shortcuts and the
user-defined bookmarks.

I am willing to write the code, following the guidelines, and submit a
patch, but wanted to ask the mailing list first, if this is something
that could be included in the main Thunar release eventually.

The larger goal I have in mind would be:  to write a plugin that
provides a "Networks" icon for SMB browsing.  I recognize that SMB
browsing is not included in the main Thunar code, and for good reasons.
I thought that if I could make a patch to provide a new way to extend
Thunar, by providing shortcut icons that were provided by the extension,
it could be useful not just for SMB browsing, but for other things as
well (e.g. someone could write a plugin to work with the Creative-brand
mp3 players that have their own file-transfer mechanism, or other things
like this..).


Steve Havelka <smh at rs.tc>

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