[Thunar-dev] Thunar and accessibility

Quiring, Sam Sam.Quiring at windriver.com
Tue Nov 11 00:12:29 CET 2008

I am exploring the at-spi accessibility interface on Ubuntu.  I created
a simple dump program that displays data about the accessible components
on my desktop.  Thunar is running on my desktop.  My dump program
displays everything in the Thunar window, except it cannot find any data
about the table of files in either "Detailed List" view or the "Icon"
view.  I have not tried the "Compact List" view.  The dump program is
able to dump information in the table cells for the Thunar Shortcuts
side pane, so I am confident that the dumper is working.
I first posted a query to the accessibility mailing list and they asked
if the Thunar widgets used to display the content of the file view were
possibly custom widgets?  The point of that question is that all stock
gtk+ widgets have accessibility info, if someone wrote a custom widget
the accessibility info might not be working yet.
So I thought I'd ask the Thunar developers about the state of
Here's what my dumper is able to discover about the table of files
(n=name, d=description, r=role), I've annotated this with -- comments:
 5              child 2/2 (n:Details view,d:Detailed directory
listing,r:directory pane)
 6                child 1/2 (n:,d:,r:table)
 6                  Selection
 6                  Table
 7T                 Table [ok]  =======
 7T                  rows: 38    cols: 4
 7T                  col header(0/4): Name
 7T                  col header(1/4): Size
 7T                  col header(2/4): Type
 7T                  col header(3/4): Date Modified
 8                    T(0, 0) (n:,d:,r:table cell)         -- expect (1)
icon Image, (2)Text: name of file
 9                      child 1/2 (n:,d:,r:table cell)        -- icon?
 9                      child 2/2 (n:,d:,r:table cell)        -- text:
name of file?
 8                    T(0, 1) (n:,d:,r:table cell)         -- expect
text: size of file
 8                    T(0, 2) (n:,d:,r:table cell)         -- expect
text: type of file
 8                    T(0, 3) (n:,d:,r:table cell)         -- expect
text: date modified
 8                    T(1, 0) (n:,d:,r:table cell)
 9                      child 1/2 (n:,d:,r:table cell)
 9                      child 2/2 (n:,d:,r:table cell)
 8                    T(1, 1) (n:,d:,r:table cell)
 8                    T(1, 2) (n:,d:,r:table cell)

The dump program successfully displays other table cells that provide
subinterfaces.  For example in Thunar I have the Shortcuts side pane
enabled and my dump program displays this:
 6T               Table [ok]  =======
 6T                rows: 10    cols: 1
 7                  T(0, 0) (n:,d:,r:table cell)
 8                    child 1/2 (n:,d:,r:table cell)        -- icon
 8                    child 2/2 (n:user,d:,r:table cell)
 8                      Text(len: 4): "user"
 8                      Action
 7                  T(1, 0) (n:,d:,r:table cell)
 8                    child 1/2 (n:,d:,r:table cell)
 8                    child 2/2 (n:Trash,d:,r:table cell)
 8                      Text(len: 5): "Trash"
 8                      Action
 7                  T(2, 0) (n:,d:,r:table cell)
 8                    child 1/2 (n:,d:,r:table cell)
 8                    child 2/2 (n:Desktop,d:,r:table cell)
 8                      Text(len: 7): "Desktop"
 8                      Action

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