[Thunar-dev] Mounting CD-ROMs

Michael Goth fnd at gmx.net
Wed Jun 25 17:55:12 CEST 2008

Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> Michael Goth wrote:
>> Hi!
>> When I plug in a USB drive, I get this icon in the Thunar side pane that 
>> lets me mount the drive. This used to work with CD-ROMs also. But since 
>> some time now, no icon appears when i put in a CD into the drive. I can 
>> still mount it manually on the command line and it still gets detected 
>> and mounted in the xfce places plugin.
>> Any ideas what could be wrong here (Thunar, HAL, dbus, ...)? I'm using 
>> Thunar from Debian Sid (Thunar 0.9.0) with volume management disabled.
> I guess you disabled the hal-addon-storage handling for the device.

But powertop told me to do it! ;)

Reenabling it (hal-disable-polling --enable-polling --device /dev/hda) 
did the trick. I think in this case I'll trade battery runtime for 


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