[Thunar-dev] ThunarVFS, volumes and pathes

Christophe Chapuis chris.chapuis at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 11:34:05 CET 2008

Hello !

I'm currently trying to develop a little plugin for cairo-dock, in
order to have a better integration inside Xfce. It consists in
implementing some wrapper methods to do simple things with the VFS,
like listing the volumes, accessing the trash, (un)mounting, etc...
I've finished the first draft, and it begins to work. But I'm facing
some problems with some functions of ThunarVfs... So perhaps you have
some ideas about it.

1) I'm trying to use thunar_vfs_volume_manager_get_volume_by_info in
order to know if a given URI is mounted or not. For example, I've got
"file:///home/chris/Documents", which is abviously mounted because it
is on "/home". But.... it doesn't find the volume! I just get a NULL
pointer.... Why ?

2) I would like to get the unix path of the trash. I used
thunar_vfs_path_dup_string with a ThunarVfsPath associated with
"trash:/", but it returns "/"... How could I retrieve
"/home/chris/.local/share/Trash" ?

If you could help me, I'd be very grateful !


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