[Thunar-dev] Invert selection action in Thunar

Fernando Maróstica fmarostica at fmarostica.org
Mon Oct 29 17:25:34 CET 2007

Hello thunar hackers!

I'm a new Thunar user.
First of all I must say that Thunar is a great file manager !!

The invert-selection is a feature request in thunar to have an option to
invert the current selection. That is, if we have 25 items in a folder,
and we select any 10 random items, on clicking Invert Selection, the
other 15 items will be selected, and the original 10 items will be

Please, take a look at:

Use Case:

When I'm backing up data from a certain directory, I select some files
that would fit on a CD. After burning these files, I'd like to be able
to select the remaining ones easily, so I can put them on another disc.
Right now I have to unselect the files, and then manually choose the
ones I haven't burned carefully. Or, insert the burnt disc and compare
visually myself to only choose the files which haven't been burnt. This
is tedious and not very confortable when you're doing the same operation
repeatedly or when the number of files is large.

This email contain my first patch to contribute with Thunar File Manager
Revolution :-)

I hope that is useful.

Fernando Maróstica.
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