[Thunar-dev] 'Eject' USB drives

Simon Naunton snaunton at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 01:39:23 CEST 2007

> > I'm pretty sure Thunar doesn't ever eject a device, even when its HAL
> > 'storage.requires_eject' property is true

I logged this as a bug a while ago and I think they changed the
behavior so that you get the option to eject if storage.requires_eject
is in the HAL definition for the device. I have not tested it myself
yet though.

> >, since, after you eject it,
> > you can't remount it without an unplug/replug

So what? If you eject/safely remove on other OSes then you cannot
remount without re-pluging anyway. Personally, I think having a user
friendly "It is safe to remove this device" is better.

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