[Thunar-dev] Xfce 4.4 and Thunar automounting on FreeBSD

Chess Griffin chessg at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 23:33:10 CET 2007

Hello!  I have posted this in the FreeBSD lists without success, so I
thought I would try here.  Forgive me if this is not the right place
and let me know if I should post on another Xfce or Thunar list.

I have FreeBSD 6.2 installed and running wonderfully.  I have built
Xfce 4.4 from ports and it too, is working very well, but I have one
problem -- the new Thunar file manager does not auto-mount.

I have installed Hal, Dbus, and polkit and have those 3 things enabled
in my /etc/rc.conf.  I also installed thunar and the thunar-volman
plugin.  However, when I go to the "Advanced" tab in the File Manager
settings manager in order to activate the auto-mounting, it states
"Build thunar-vfs with HAL support to use the volume management
support in Thunar."  When I built Thunar I did enable Hal support, and
I can't find anything in ports or packages about thunar-vfs.

I can manually mount a usb stick as my normal user without issues.
It's just the automount feature in Thunar that is not working.

If anyone has a fix or other suggestions on how to get this working on
FreeBSD I would be most appreciative.

Chess Griffin

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