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Stephan Arts psybsd at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 16:35:51 CET 2007

On 3/12/07, Linos <info at linos.es> wrote:
> Hello, i have been searching the list and i have found two messages in
> xfce mailing list about that but they are from September 2006 so i am
> trying now, do i have any way to hide/remove trash,home and filesystem
> from desktop icons with icons enabled? i need this feature because i am
> going to use xfce in a point of sale system with about 100 desktops, i
> am trying to harden the system and i dont like they can open a file
> manager too easily, i am found a possible workaround changing thunar
> with nautilus but i think it is a horrible solution (i love thunar and
> hates nautilus). Anyone can help me please?

>From the xfdesktop readme file (referred to by the FAQ):
The file icon view by default shows 'special' icons for the root of your
filesystem, your home directory, and the trash.  Removable volumes (such as
USB flash drives) are also shown when they are plugged in.  If you'd like to
configure which of these are shown, edit (or create) the file
~/.config/xfce4/desktop/xfdesktoprc to look something like this:


The defaults are all 'true', but you can set ones you want hidden to 'false'.
If an entry is omitted, it defaults to 'true'.  You will need to restart
xfdesktop to make the settings take effect.


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