[Thunar-dev] Thunar-thumbnailers updated

Erlend Davidson E.R.M.Davidson at sms.ed.ac.uk
Tue Feb 27 15:00:44 CET 2007

Samuel Verstraete wrote:
> Hi,
> Something i have noticed which doesn't feel right...
> If i add 
> [code]
>         <mime-type type="image/x-sony-arw">
>                 <comment>Sony raw image</comment>
>                 <comment xml:lang="en">Sony raw image</comment>
>                 <comment xml:lang="en-GB">Sony raw image</comment>
>                 <glob pattern="*.arw"/>
>         </mime-type>
> [/code]
> to /usr/share/mime/packages/thunar-thumbnailers.xml
> and i add 
> x-sony-arw to the raw.desktop file
> run /usr/libexec/thunar-vfs-update-thumbnailers-cache-1
> Thunar does recognises my .ARW file (mind the CAPITALS) as a sony arw
> file but it does not create the thumbnail.
> The moment i rename it to .arw (small letters) it immediately creates
> the thumbnail....
Sometimes thumbnailer creation can take a few moments... it might be 
taking ages to display?  I assume this is with the image you sent me, 
I'll test it here when I make a new release.
> Is this expected behaviour? Should i add <glob pattern="*.ARW"/>  as
> well? or is there a better way to fix this?
No, the mimetypes shouldn't be case-sensitive.  Some of my raw images 
are .CR2 and some are .cr2... they both work.

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