[Thunar-dev] Unmount removable devices systemtray app

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Sat Feb 3 10:57:01 CET 2007

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>> Another brain storm item: I have an external hard disk which contains
>> multiple partitions. Before I can remove the device, I must find out
>> which partitions are on that specific disk and unmount all partitions
>> separately from an alphabetical ordered list...
> Yeah, I've thought about that in conjunction with thunar: if you unmount
> one partition on a removable drive with multiple, it'll pop up a
> notification that it's "safe to remove", which, if any of the other
> partitions are mounted, it's not.

Yep, that should be fixed in exo-mount. It shouldn't be that difficult
to check whether the storage device has additional volumes that are
mounted (tho one needs to take care of special devices such as floppy
drives). File a bug report and feel free to attach a patch. ;-)

>> Utopia: If a device has only one volume, only display that volume and if
>> there are more than one display the Manufacturer+device name (or any
>> other udev variable which makes sense) and unmount all volumes present
>> on that device...
> The problem is in the dependencies.  Right now it's a *very* simple app
> that just uses thunar-vfs.  Working with HAL and figuring out what
> volumes go with what drives increases the complexity quite a bit, and I
> may not even be able to use thunar-vfs anymore, which would be a shame
> (thunar-vfs makes a lot of things trivially easy).  Though I suppose
> using the new exo-hal stuff might help matters, but the easy async
> notification in thunar-vfs would be lost, and I'd have to reimplement
> that using HAL directly (i.e., copy/paste from thunar-vfs).
> I'll look into it...

I'll probably drop the bsd volume backend and make ThunarVfsVolume
require HAL, so that'll be doable then.

BTW: I think this status icon should be part of Thunar then. That way we
can also handle things like leaving mounted folders first, etc.
properly. I'll look into merging it once completed if you don't mind.

> 	-brian


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