[Thunar-dev] Unmount removable devices systemtray app

Harold Aling h.aling at home.nl
Thu Feb 1 10:32:37 CET 2007

Dear list,

When I copy something to my USB flash disk, I now have to either type 
'sync' in a terminal or right-click a removable device in Thunar and 
select 'eject'.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a system tray icon present if one or more 
removable devices have been mounted that has these features:
- Either right or left click shows all mounted removable devices. 
Clicking them syncs and unmounts that specific drive and gives visual 
feedback that it's safe to remove the device.
- Produce an error popup (which disappears in X seconds) when a user 
does not correctly unmount a removable device before removing it (which 
can lead to data corruption...)
- Default action when clicking the systrayicon: 'sync all buffers to disk'
- ...

Trashbin or feature request in Bugzilla?

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