[Thunar-dev] ThunarVFS Questions

Ori Bernstein rand_chars at rogers.com
Sun Nov 5 23:22:39 CET 2006


I'm writing a panel applet with ThunarVFS, and I have a couple of API
questions and suggestions:

 - Is there any way to test if a file exists?
    I need this because a large number of apps save by writing to a temporary
    file, and then unlinking the file. Of course, this causes a "Delete" event
    for the file, so I'm working around this by adding a timeout on delete that
    checks if the file exists a short time after it gets deleted. Right now,
    I'm getting the filename from ThunarVFS, and stat(2)'ing the file, but it
    would be better if ThunarVFS let me do this directly: 
	gboolean thunar_vfs_path_exists (ThunarVfsPath *path);
    or some such function would be ideal.

 - Is there any way of getting thumbnails with ThunarVFS? It seems to me that
   thunar_vfs_get_custom_icon() should probably return the thumbnail for a
   file if it exists (grepping the Thunar sources, it seems like it's currently
   only used for trash and desktop files) or possibly a new function in
   thunar-vfs could be implemented that wraps all the details of getting an
	const gchar *thunar_vfs_path_load_icon(ThunarVfsPath *path);

Feel free to flame me for being blind and simply not seeing a function that
does exactly what I want =)

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