[Thunar-dev] 'Retry' button on copy/move/delete fail

Ben Ford ben at kalifornia.com
Sat Nov 4 23:13:25 CET 2006

Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> David Tenser wrote:
>> Harold Aling wrote:
>>> When copying/deleting/moving multiple files, it could be that you have 
>>> insufficient rights to read one or more files. Thunar allows you to 
>>> choose between cancel, skip and skip all...
>>> In this case I'd like to fire up a terminal, fix the permissions and 
>>> hit "Retry", but that button doesn't exist! ;)
>>> May I file a feature request for a retry button?
>> Wouldn't it be more convenient if you didn't have to fire up a terminal? 
>> That sounds pretty counter-intuitive to me. A better solution would be 
>> to ask for the administrator password and /then/ retry.

Only for this specific example.  What if you're copying files from a 
network share and are having network problems?  The root password won't 
help much here, but firing up a terminal, fixing the problem and then 
retrying would do the trick.

There are lots of reasons that a file operation could fail and having 
root privileges won't fix them all.


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