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Thu Jun 22 17:16:43 CEST 2006

> > Martin Hauser wrote:
> > > Who says it must be gnome libs? Still, there may be a few people
> > > around who like typing an 80 char line for scp every time they
> > > aiming copy a few files to a remote location... i'm not one of
> > > those. I agree gnome-vfs is bad, as far as i have seen it's not
> > > something a filemanager like thunar should build upon. But that
> > > doesn't stop anyone from getting this included in thunar otherwise,

Yes, that's what I meant by "not gnome-dependant". I mentioned
"gnome-volume-manager" and "gnome-vfs" just as a reference, not to ask
for gnome library integration. (definitely not!)

I think the idea of achieving this through plugins is really good.
That way, Thunar can be kept lightweight, but always having the
possibility to add new features through plugins.

about the protocol URI scheme: it might come in handy for a user that
knows of their existance... but what about the normal user?

however, a good idea is to enable bookmarking sites when using the URI
protocol. even better would be to permit "iconifying" these bookmarks.
that way you could have an icon for a FTP or SSH server somewhere in
your panel/desktop for quick access.


> > > does it? I think it would be really nice if thunar could handle
> > > scp,sftp,ftp and maybe webdav, guess would make life a step more
> > > easier.
> >
> > Hehe :) To be honest, I am quite used to use the shell when it comes
> > to ftp (lftp rox0r!) and ssh. That's also because there's no nice gui
> > that allows you to do that. I have been a Gnome user for a while in
> > the past, and I really found their ftp interface unflexible and
> > limitated (just like all the rest, IMHO).
> > If Thunar were to implement this, I really believe that a SendTo menu
> > would make it real easy. However, it's just for sending. To
> > receive... well, I guess a dual fs view, like mc, could be helpful,
> > to move files between different locations. So the side pane should
> > implement something like Icon View as well. Maybe it's too much.
> These features don't need to be implemented in Thunar, necessarily.
> Perhaps some of you remember the applications://, network:// etc.
> special locations of Nautilus. These special URIs follow the typical
> protocol URI scheme we all know from http:// or ftp://. So, here's how
> Thunar could take up these ideas to provide FTP, SCP and whatever
> support:
> Thunar could (and probably will, as I know from a talk with Benny back
> in March or April) implement a generic protocol URI system. For
> example, there could be
>  THUNAR_VFS_URI_FILE    handling URIs starting with "/", "file://"
>  THUNAR_VFS_URI_FTP     handling URIs starting with "ftp://"
>  THUNAR_VFS_URI_HTTP    handling URIs starting with "http://"
>  THUNAR_VFS_URI_SMB     handling URIs starting with "smb://"
>  THUNAR_VFS_URI_DESKTOP handling URIs starting with "desktop://"
>  and so on ...
> Now plugins could register to handle a certain URI scheme, e.g. there
> could be a FTP plugin registering the THUNAR_VFS_URI_FTP scheme. This
> means, all "ftp://..." URIs would be handled by this plugin which
> provides e.g. a twin-pane view or a FTP shell for the 133t guys amongst
> us.
> Note, that these are just my ideas, the fact I talked with Benny about
> them doesn't mean they will be implemented this way. He knows better
> which way is the best to go than I do. But the general concept of URI
> handlers might move responsibility out of Thunar and towards plugins.
> As a consequence, no one would have to fear that Thunar might become
> bloated.
> So, this is just a message to calm you all down. This "OH NO! PLEASE
> NOT GNOME!" debate is totally irrelevant - there simply are no plans to
> copy the bad parts of Nautilus.
> Regards,
> Jannis
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> Mike Massonnet wrote:
> > sshfs user at host:/home/user/ /home/user/host/ -oallow_other
> >
> > 59 columns ;)  And I can copy/paste/open files from any apps.
> Extremely nice, I didn't know it :) Thanks for the hint,
> Rob
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