[Thunar-dev] small feature requests

tomás pollak tomaspollak at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 07:42:15 CEST 2006

hello Thunar team!

first of all, my congratulations to everyone who's developing this
great piece of software. XFCE definitely needed something like Thunar.

well, the only purpose of this mail is to ask for some small features
for the thunar file manager (and the xfce desktop in general).

1) is there any chance you could add a trash icon/send to/command ?

2) how about integrating something like "gnome-volume-manager" for
device automount? (of course, not gnome-dependant, as the next one

and last but not least,

3) are there any plans for adding something like the "connect to
server" feature in Nautilus? (i think it's "gnome-vfs" the one who
does it).

well, you know, these requests aren't just my own. there are lots of
people who really miss these features in the XFCE desktop. the problem
is that very few of them actually post them where they should.

I hope I did the right thing!


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