[Thunar-dev] Changing the mimetype of a file.

Jaap Karssenberg j.g.karssenberg at student.utwente.nl
Thu Jul 27 15:40:19 CEST 2006

Biju Chacko wrote:
> I know that this is getting OT, sorry:
> I tried adding a glob rule for *.tjp and it's not working either nautilus  
> or thunar. Is there more to it than adding an xml file in the  
> $XDG_DATA_DIR/mime/packages dir and then running update-mime-database?
Adding an xml file and runnign update-mime-databasse should do the 
trick. Either you have an error in your xml definition, or there is 
another rule (with higher priority) that conflicts.

-- Jaap <pardus at cpan.org>

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