[Thunar-dev] Dbus problems

Rodrigo Coacci rcoacci at gmail.com
Sun Jul 23 17:19:37 CEST 2006

On 7/22/06, Brian J. Tarricone <bjt23 at cornell.edu> wrote:
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> One thing I noticed on a couple of my boxes, with certain versions of
> dbus (don't remember which), the session daemon would quit immediately
> if dbus-launch was passed the --exit-with-session parameter.  After
> starting a fresh Xfce session, check to make sure you have an instance
> of 'dbus-daemon' running as your username.  On most systems, you will
> have TWO instances of this: one running as another user (the system
> bus), and one running as your user (the session bus).
> Actually, when you updated dbus, did you restart Xfce?  Depending on
> which version your old version of dbus was, it's possible you had an old
> daemon running with new (incompatible) libraries trying to talk to it.
>         -brian
In fact, I noticed the problem after reinstalling xfce (and gaim) from svn.
But it seems that there was something like what you said happening, since
now (after some system restarts) Thunar (and gaim) stoped complaining about

Thanks everybody for the help
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