[Thunar-dev] user interface ideas

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Sun Jul 23 14:43:44 CEST 2006

Erlend Davidson wrote:
> Gtk has by standard a filtering feature like this.  It works in Thunar.  
> When you're in a directory start typing (like you would in Windows 
> Explorer to find a file) and you'll see a textbox appear at the bottom 
> right containing whatever you're typing.  The contents of the directory 
> will be filtered accordingly.

I guess you're talking about typeahead in GtkTreeView and ExoIconView.
That's a different approach. Filtering would show only the matching

>>2 - Sorting of filenames could be also improved if they were sorted  
>>non-case sensitively.
> Yes!  I very much agree with this - it's the main reason I used Rox for 
> so long.  People don't remember the exact filename and often don't 
> remember the case of the first letter.

As said, there's MiscCaseSensitive. I could probably change the default
to FALSE. Dunno.

> I'd quite like it to be easier to change between the Location Selector 
> between the pathbar and toolbar styles - perhaps if you roll the 
> mouse-wheel over it then it switches between being a pathbar and a 
> toolbar.  This is useful when you want to copy and paste the path of the 
> directory you are in.

Well, Ctrl+L will always focus the location selector (pops up a dialog
in pathbar mode).

> I remember reading about the MacOSX Filer columns-view in thunar a while 
> ago - will this be implemented one day?  It's very good for 
> copying/moving files around.  Can a plugin do something like this?

No, currently plugins cannot provide additional views.

> Also, is thunar going to have some kind of search feature?  Would 
> integration with Beagle or locate be a plugin rather than a feature?

Some day, yes. Maybe in thunar-vfs (transparently for apps) or as a plugin.


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