[Thunar-dev] Two small problems

Jari Rahkonen jari.rahkonen at pp2.inet.fi
Sat Jul 15 09:34:14 CEST 2006

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Arthur Koziel wrote:
> Hello developers,
> i recently started to use Thunar more and more, it's a great
> file-manager, but there are two things that annoy me.
> First:
> If i create a folder, Thunar automatically selects the folder after
> creating it.
> However, when i press <ENTER> Thunar doesn't take me into this new
> Folder, it goes to some random directory.

It seems to go to the last directory that was selected under the current
directory if you press enter, so it's not really random. Pressing delete
on the keyboard works correctly and prompts to remove the right
directory. Nothing happens if you haven't selected anything before
creating the new directory.

By the way, if you create a directory right after starting Thunar, it
isn't even selected.

> Second:
> I have a folder with two files in it (filenames are "D" and "N"), after
> navigating to this folder i want to select the file "N", so i press
> <SHIFT>+N on my keyboard but Thunar doesn't take me to the file "N" -
> instead it always selects the first file in the directory (in this case
> "D"). Is this a undocumented shortcut? Or some other GTK+-Related thing?
> (I noticed the same behaivior with <SHIFT>+P, it selects the last file
> in a folder).

Just press n to select the folder N or d to select D. The search isn't
case sensitive. Pressing <SHIFT>+N seems to select the first file if
nothing is selected and otherwise adds everything between the selected
file and the one below it to the selection. So it works like
<SHIFT>+down. <SHIFT>+P seems to correspond to <SHIFT>+UP. I fail to see
why this would be intentional.

> I'm using Thunar beta2 with GTK+ 2.8.19.

- - Jari
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