[Thunar-dev] Two small problems

Arthur Koziel arthur.koziel at dkh-multigaming.de
Fri Jul 14 18:21:52 CEST 2006

Hello developers,
i recently started to use Thunar more and more, it's a great
file-manager, but there are two things that annoy me.

If i create a folder, Thunar automatically selects the folder after
creating it.
However, when i press <ENTER> Thunar doesn't take me into this new
Folder, it goes to some random directory.

I have a folder with two files in it (filenames are "D" and "N"), after
navigating to this folder i want to select the file "N", so i press
<SHIFT>+N on my keyboard but Thunar doesn't take me to the file "N" -
instead it always selects the first file in the directory (in this case
"D"). Is this a undocumented shortcut? Or some other GTK+-Related thing?
(I noticed the same behaivior with <SHIFT>+P, it selects the last file
in a folder).

I'm using Thunar beta2 with GTK+ 2.8.19.

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