[Thunar-dev] Feature request (let's search more quickilytickily)

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Sat Jul 1 12:14:42 CEST 2006

Anssi Kaariainen wrote:
>>btw, something i just noticed in itunes, if you start typing text in
>>the search bar, it does a search on the fly and narrows down the files
>>being shown to just what matches your search pattern. interesting idea
>>if you can impliment it without a hell of a lot of cpu usage.
> I have been thinking to take this one step further. I would like to have 
> search boxes for every field in Thunar. Something like this:
> Name                   Size              Type           Date Modified...
> | *uturama*  & *S4*    |                 |Video         | >1-1-2000
> These filters would only modify the shown files, not the selection. With 
> the above filters you would only see Futurama season 4 files of type 
> video and modified after year 2000. After that you could sort the shown 
> files by size and so on.
> The only small problem is that I don't know almost anything about 
> programming and even less about Thunar. The good thing is that this 
> summer I have plenty of time. Would it be possible to implement this, 
> perhaps as a plug-in? And would anybody actually use these filter boxes?

Yep, something like a "Filter Files" feature would be nice, which is
displayed as an entry and a file type selector below the file listing
and filters the displayed files. That shouldn't be too difficult. You
could start by filing a feature request.

> Anssi Kaariainen


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