[Thunar-dev] overwriting files and the trash

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Sun Aug 6 21:23:23 CEST 2006

Samuel Verstraete wrote:
>>>>First: I was wondering if the expected behaviour of overwriting
>>>>files would be to store the "overwritten" file in the trash... i
>>>>certainly was expecting this but it might be just me ;)
>>>You mean if you edit a file called myfile the old (unedited)
>>>version is stored as myfile~... but you're saying you want the
>>>myfile~ to be in the trash?
>>I guess it isn't what he means, even because any FM could be able to
>>do that... It should be resposability of the editor (or whatever app
>>you are using) to do it.
>>I guess what he meant was when you copy/move a file over another
>>(using Thunar), effectively overwriting it, it could get the
>>to-be-overwritten file and put it in trash before overwriting it.
>>But I don't really think this is reasonable... And for big files,
>>could create a big performance issue, not to tell about disk space....
> that's exactly what i mean... copying/moving a file from one folder to
> another folder in which a file with the same name exists... 
> i don't see the performance issue.... after all you're not physically
> (or electronically) moving the files... You just say this one is trash
> and this one is in /home/user...
> anyway it was just an idea... wasn't really sure what to expect

File a feature request.

> S


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