[Thunar-dev] (small?) Feature request

Jannis Pohlmann info at sten-net.de
Thu Apr 13 16:05:54 CEST 2006

On Thu, 13 Apr 2006 15:47:26 +0200
Christian Göbel <goebel at ires.ucl.ac.be> wrote:

> When using Thunar with the icon-view it regularly happens
> that I need some additional information about a file or
> a folder.
> Right now I have the choice between:
> a) changing to the detailed list view / and change back to
> the icon-view afterwards
> or
> b) using the properties dialog (e.g. right click, Properties,
> Permissions) Both can be quite annoying.
> I would be nice to have additional information for the active file or 
> folder in  the Statusbar.
> Right now I can see there "Name" (Size) Type   when clicking on a
> file.
> I would love to see all the information of the detailed list-view.
> (This would even be configurable by the View/Configure Columns!)
> This would save me a lot of time and would extend usability of the 
> icon-view for all users - I guess ;-)

Another idea would be to add tooltips for this to the icon view.

- Jannis
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