[Thunar-dev] For fans of Explorer's List View

Stefan Stuhr thunardevlist at sstuhr.dk
Thu Apr 13 14:13:31 CEST 2006

tor, 13 04 2006 kl. 02:53 -0500, skrev Matt McClinch:
> Hi all,
> I went ahead and implemented a view similar to Explorer's List View for 
> thunar.
> Here is a screenshot:
> http://filebox.vt.edu/users/mmcclinc/thunar-list-view.jpg

I haven't actually tried your patches, this is based on the screenshot.

I like the idea of having this as an option, though I don't think I will
use it much myself. But isn't this "simply"[1] the icon view, with the
layout rotated, text beside icons, smaller icons and less space between
icons? Thus, it is still in a grid, and the "Grid Layout" and "List
Layout" menu options is confusing. Especially the "List Layout" menu
option, as it could easily be confused with the detailed list view.

Maybe the "List View" option should be in the same place in the "View"
menu as one switch between icon view and detailed list view, as a third
option. Maybe it should eventually have another name, though the name
wouldn't be as confusing if the option is in the same place as the "View
as Detailed List" option.

[1]: I putted quotes there for a reason; I don't claim it to be simple
to code, just that the idea is simple.

> Matt


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