[Thunar-dev] browse forward and back via mousebuttons

Stefan Stuhr thunardevlist at sstuhr.dk
Sun Apr 9 00:38:58 CEST 2006

søn, 09 04 2006 kl. 00:06 +0200, skrev Björn Martensen:
> Hi,
> I'd like to be able to browse back and forward in the folders by
> clicking the buttons some mice have for this in the file pane as it
> works in web browsers or the windows explorer, too.
> In xmodmap, the number 6 is the "back" and 7 is the "forward" function.
> I don't know if this helps, but i just tried it several times to figure
> out which number is which function ;)

I think you want to look at this hidden option:

   * MiscHorizontalWheelNavigates (FALSE/TRUE)

     Controls whether the horizontal mouse wheel is used to navigate back
     and forth within a Thunar view, or whether it should be used for
     horizontal scrolling.

-- http://svn.xfce.org/svn/xfce/thunar/trunk/docs/README.thunarrc

This bug report (reported by me) is relevant and give some (of my)
reasoning for the current default behaviour:

> Thanks,
> Björn


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