[Thunar-dev] thunar-media-rename-plugin

samuel verstraete samuel.verstraete at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 13:49:34 CEST 2006


Jannis and Benny  this one is for you :)

of course we like thunar and the plugin... but some nice enhancements
you could adopt if you like:

1. recursive renaming (but this is prolly something that needs to be
implemented in thunar)

2. directory renaming (i moaned about this before to you but this is
just so you don't forget it :P ) (this prolly goes for a part together
with nr1 and so it's most likely something thunar should adopt instead
of you) f.e. this means that i can have something like $MUSIC\artist
\album \track-title.mp3. And then i would set $MUSIC somewhere in a
config file... don't know where you would like to do that though

3. a tag can contain characters that are nog allowed in a filename...
f.e. "?" ... and it happen to be that this ?-sign is in a lot of my
tags or so it seems

4. a user-customizable input... (i moaned about this too already still i
like to remember you...) You might think that you can cover a lot of
reasonable choices but there still be users that want it to be
different... (don't forget customizable capitalization... some users
like : "03-The Thing That Should Not Be", others will like "03-The thing
that should not be" and other others will like "03-the thing that should
not be" and there are even others that like "03-The Thing that Should
not Be" (though the latest option seems a bit too much to me... ;) )

5. I noticed a bug in thunar if you rename files in the same directory
3 times in a row... at a sudden moment the menu get's cropped an get
two arrows... (this one is for you benny ;) ), i've tried taking a
screenshot but import wouldn't do it... if you can not reproduce it
please tell me then i'll take a photograph or something...anyway ways
to reproduce: select files : right click > rename > take whatever you
like > Rename button and then immediately right-click again (so keep
the files selected) and do another rename action (do this 3 or 4 times
in a row... suddenly the menu get's cropped and shows an up-pointing
arrow on top and a down pointing arrow below... imho it's even a gtk
bug ...

6. i'd like to be able to keep the rename window open if i want...
often i do several operations after each other on the same files and
then it's interesting to keep the window open... 

that's it (for now)


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