[Thunar-dev] multiple selection in icon view

Stefan Stuhr thunardevlist at sstuhr.dk
Mon Apr 3 19:53:55 CEST 2006

man, 03 04 2006 kl. 15:34 +0200, skrev Benedikt Meurer:
> This is a sideeffect of the right-arrow navigation. Shift-selection is
> always supposed to select the items between the "anchor item" and the
> "cursor item". I can't think of another solution, except blocking
> shift+right on the last item in a row.

The best solution would IMO be to handle selection in a Windows Explorer
like way when using Shift + left/right arrow (Windows Explorer uses that
method all the time). That is, instead of a rectangle, it selects a
range in sorting order. Maybe a bit too complicated with that kind of
exceptions, but it would be _really_ useful

> Matt McClinch wrote:
> > I had some observations about the selection rectangle itself, but
> > since the idea of a "rectangle of files" doesn't make sense to me, I
> > won't bother you with them.  If it works fine for the people who use
> > it, then it's probably not broken.
> I don't quite get what you mean here.

I think he is used to the Windows Explorer way of a range selection.

> Benedikt


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