[Thunar-dev] some ideas for thunar

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Wed Sep 28 11:06:08 CEST 2005

Pablo Hdez-M. Saiz wrote:
> - Sequence view option. Here at work we have directories with hundreds
> of image sequences. The sequence option shows only one filename with the
> syntax:
> myimage.####.tif (for 
> myimage.0001.tif,myimage.0002.tif,myimage.0003.tif,...)
> The "###" represents the position of frame numbers in filenames. The
> number of "#" is parallel to the amount of padding in the file name

This is a very specialized feature and therefore something that should 
be done in a specialized application.

> - All mounted volumes/partitions (usb drives,CDs,NFS,Samba,...) in the
> side pane with a little button for umount (like finder on osX)

Thunar does this for removable media (if you use Linux, you'll have to 
wait until somebody implements the volume manager for Linux).

> - Remember all options if posible on a per directory basis (size
> window,hidden files, show thumbnails, icon/list view, column sizes on
> list view, position of scroll,...)

As Jannis said, this is confusing. We had this discussion several times 
already and there was no conclusion. What bugs me the most about this is 
the fact that it works against the intuition: For example, you are 
looking at a Thunar window, change the view to "details view" and then 
double click a folder and the new folder is displayed as "icon view" 
although you selected "details view" for this window a second ago. It 
then takes you some time to realize that you used "icon view" for this 
folder a few weeks ago and thats why it switched views.

What would work IMHO would be a compromise: We remember the view 
settings per folder, but apply the settings only if the user opens a new 
window in a given folder. We do not override the user choices for 
already open windows. But this is also somewhat tricky, I have to think 
about this again.

> Greets, Pablo


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