[Thunar-dev] some ideas for thunar

Pablo Hdez-M. Saiz homeless3d at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 10:09:01 CEST 2005

Hi all,

First, thank all of you for this awesome file manager.

I work in a postproduction effects house and I would like to have some
features in thunar. Here are my ideas:

- Sequence view option. Here at work we have directories with hundreds
of image sequences. The sequence option shows only one filename with the
myimage.####.tif (for myimage.0001.tif,myimage.0002.tif,myimage.0003.tif
The "###" represents the position of frame numbers in filenames. The
number of "#" is parallel to the amount of padding in the file name

- All mounted volumes/partitions (usb drives,CDs,NFS,Samba,...) in the
side pane with a little button for umount (like finder on osX)

- Remember all options if posible on a per directory basis (size
window,hidden files, show thumbnails, icon/list view, column sizes on
list view, position of scroll,...)

What do you think about?

Greets, Pablo

p.s. Sorry for my english.
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