[Thunar-dev] Revised website layout

Jannis Pohlmann info at sten-net.de
Sun Sep 25 18:22:47 CEST 2005

Jeff Franks schrieb:
> Hi, again,
> Here is a simpler, revised layout for the website. Rather than use 
> images and <div>'s to draw the corners it uses the Mozilla CSS3 command 
> '-moz-border-radius'. This removes the one pixel rendition bug. It also 
> makes for faster and cleaner loading of web pages and minimises XHTML 
> overhead. This layour uses only what's need to start with. Other things 
> can always be added later. On the downside, using the 
> '-moz-border-radius' property means that the corners will only appear 
> rounded in browsers that use Mozilla's Gecko layout engine.
> http://xfc.xfce.org/tmp/thunar-web
> Benedikt, If no one has any more objections I ready to send you a tarball.

Yeah, perfect, I think. You could at a bit more padding-top to the
conten area (and the titles perhaps) so that it looks more
well-layouted. But that's it.

I'm really fine with the website as it is now.


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