[Thunar-dev] Another Website update

Nick Schermer nickschermer at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 12:42:10 CEST 2005

Well it's at least something to think about and I think the
Xfce <Sub projects> websites are a bit a mess.
I mean, thunar development can be followed @ bennies blog
Xfce panel is in Jaspers blog
Terminal and libexo information can be found at
Orage in Korbinus' blog.
Xffm @ sf.net <http://sf.net>

I understand every body if working on it's own piece of Xfce,
(and loves to share that with the entire world)
but it would be nice if everything can be monitored from one website, so
when you enter xfce.org <http://xfce.org> you can see Jasper's new layout of 
the panel,
Benny is working hard on Thunar/libexo, etc. etc.

And I don't mean copy of KDE because, like KDE, even their website is
heavy, to large, hard to find information. 

- 1 forum for Xfce with categories/forums for all Xfce projects (
forum.xfce.org <http://forum.xfce.org>).

- 1 large blog for each of the Xfce components.
blog.xfce.org/thunar <http://blog.xfce.org/thunar>,
blog.xfce.org/orage <http://blog.xfce.org/orage> ../xffm etc.
- every project has it's own website, thunar.xfce.org<http://thunar.xfce.org> 
panel.xfce.org <http://panel.xfce.org>, but everything
in 1 style/theme. Including it's own blog, news etc. like what we're not 
creating for
the new Thunar release,

- 1 documentation including everything about xfce and it's components 
(search able)
- All downloads/snapshots in one section.
- Everything else (links, credits, screenshots)
- A main page (xfce.org <http://xfce.org>) with latest news (from all sub 
sites/blogs), announcements.

Mmm i think I'll get a lot of comments about this, but that's my vision 
about how
this website could be in the future. Maybe good for the 4.4 release. I'll 
keep working on 
the Thuar website for it's first release, just something to talk about :P.

Greets, Xerverius
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