[Thunar-dev] Faites vos jeux! The ball is rolling

Raphael Bosshard whistler at fnord.ch
Tue May 31 23:09:18 CEST 2005

Hello there!

"Crashing the cogwheels of the great machine came to a grinding halt. 
Smoke rose out of it and a buzzing noise filled the room. Everyone was 
shocked, not a word was spoken."

Mr. Meurer makes a break. That's not expected and most probably quite a 
drawback. However; I'm still interested in helping. And I'm convinced 
that there are a lot of people also interested in a simple filemanager.

(As I read on planet.gnome.org, Mr. Jeff Waugh, one of the 
Ubuntu-Lead-Developers seems to be excited about something like Thunar. 
Maybe we can get them into this little boat.)

About the Python/C topic: I like Python, it's a nice programming 
language. But I doubt that it is the appropriate tool for a filemanager.

Maybe a first step would be to create a techdemo (not just a UI-demo), 
coded in C with one simple view. Some basic features, rename, copy, 
move, that's it. As I said;  I'm no coding wizard, but I can code.


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