[Thunar-dev] Unification of Treeview and Sidepanel

Ori Bernstein rand_chars at rogers.com
Thu May 12 21:27:15 CEST 2005

On Thu, 12 May 2005 16:52:12 +0200
Jasper Huijsmans <jasper at xfce.org> said:

> Ok, guys, I don't think the next step in thunar development should be more
> mockups of the GUI. One comment on that: the goal is to make a 'simple' file
> manager; this doesn't mean complete lack of features, it mostly means no user
> interface overload. Combining trees and shortcuts in one view sounds like xffm
> to me, we already have that and that is not the goal. Keyboard shortcuts to
> switch between shortcut and treeview will hopefully be enough to satisfy the
> power users among us.

Ok, I can see where you're coming from.

However, I'd still like the treeview to have the roots in the bookmarks, since
I see myself - and probably other users - wanting a treeview in bookmarked
directories more than the roots that are currently there.

One option that I can see is instead of having the option 'treeview'  and
'bookmarks', call it 'show subdirectories in sidebar'.

> Now, the way forward, IMO, is for one or more people to try and implement 
> backend code based on the interaction diagram created by benny. We (you?
> they?) should aim at creating the minimal features necessary for a file
> manager (listing files, copying/moving, mime types/program launching). It is
> easy to add features later, it is very hard to remove anything once people are
> using your program.

Agree. I can probably help with the coding on weekends, as well.
> I know both Brian (kelnos) and Erik (no short nick worth mentioning ;-) were
> thinking about starting to code on thunar soon. It's probably hard to
> coordinate things, especially without benny, but for people who are interested
> in writing some code for thunar, let's try and keep this list informed about
> what you intend to work on.
I don't mind working on any of the stuff, but I have to brush up on the specs
being adhered to.

Also, possibly a list of the libraries used/target versions that we'd be
coding to would be nice (correct me if I missed it in the wiki)

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