[Thunar-dev] Drag-And-Drop sidebar proposal

Ori Bernstein rand_chars at rogers.com
Tue May 3 23:32:19 CEST 2005

On Wed, 27 Apr 2005 22:47:11 -0400
Erik Harrison <erikharrison at gmail.com> said:

> What you want is a drop stack, or the unreleased NeXT shelf.
> It is quite useful, but I'm unconvinced that it fits the current
> sidebar purpose. I personally always wanted to implement a shelf for
> the panel, but it is for various reasons problematic.
I think the current sidebar purpose and the shelf can be melded together fairly

I was thinking that the sidebar would allow the items in the favorites for all
items (including the save/open dialogs) to be modified, and whatever is in the
drop stack, as you called it, would also be in the favorites. This would, in
addition to acting as a drop shelf, allow easy, fast, and simple managing
of the items in favorites.

I personally think that having this would be a cool - possibly even killer -
feature, and would definitely be a major reason for me to use Thunar over Rox
or Nautilus, and I'd definitely like to see this feature get in.

I'll definitely try to get around to making a patch to try it out and see how
it works, but the workload at school is really getting to be a real pain, so it
might be some time in coming (plus, I only started with Python last Friday (the
29th) so I'm slightly unused to it)

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