[Thunar-dev] Build Error

Nick Schermer nickschermer at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 20:31:48 CEST 2005

> That was due to a bug in XfceAboutDialog. Please update libxfcegui4.

I've just rebuilded all Xfce components and there were no SVN commits after 

I'm also having an other small problem with building libexo:

> ...
xsltproc -nonet 
> http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl/current/manpages/docbook.xsl 
> exo-csource.xml
> I/O error : Attempt to load network entity 
> http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl/current/manpages/docbook.xsl
> warning: failed to load external entity "
> http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl/current/manpages/docbook.xsl"
> cannot parse 
> http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl/current/manpages/docbook.xsl
> make[3]: *** [exo-csource.1] Error 4
> ...

I've solved it by removing the the xsltproc lines in
makefile.am<http://makefile.am>in doc/reference. i have gtk-doc
installed and no other program
has reported this problem,

Anyway there were also some good parts, Thunar rules. Finally it's possible 
to copy/past files, so it becoming a real file manager now :).
Keep going Benny :).

Greets, Xerverius
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