[Thunar-dev] more ideas on the location bar (and microsoft stole the idea)

Ori Bernstein rand_chars at rogers.com
Sat Aug 6 05:29:47 CEST 2005

On Fri, 5 Aug 2005 23:10:05 -0400, Javier Aravena <phrodo.00 at gmail.com> said:

> the trouble with nested menus is that are unusable as in, clicking in a menu 
> is quite dificult and the hand tends to describe a curve instead of a rect 
> line, in fact, if nested directory popup menus were good we'd use them 
> instead of file open/save dialogs, I like the one menu thing 'cause you save 
> one click, but viewing is not optimal, however I guess we could have an 
> option like a listbox labeled "location bar left click (or keep pressing the 
> mouse wutton or whatever tht's said in good english) action" with "show no 
> folder menus", "show one level folder menus" and "show nested folder menus"

Why an option?
Having the menus nested doesn't hurt usability. If someone has trouble
navigating the nested menus, then they simply don't use them - *BAM*. Back to
the single menu.

Essentially, from a usability standpoint, it seems to me like it's a freebie.
If someone can navigate the nested menus effectively, they can quickly drill
down into a deep hierarchy, but if they can't use them effectively, they've
still got the first level of the nested menus to use, completely unimpaired by
the nesting that's going on.

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