[Thunar-dev] Re: Thunar-dev Digest, Vol 3, Issue 7

Joe Crawford joetainment at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 03:30:46 CEST 2005

> > I do that all the time.... I also cut/paste the paths from good file
> > browsers into other program's open dialogs when they have bad open
> > UI's and make paths hard to reach (old gtk... ukkk).
> >
> > Its convenient.
> >
> Why would you not use the location bar permanently then?

Because I really like the convienience of the path buttons too! If
there's no tool bar, and only the location bar as text, how would I go
up a directory with a single click?

...It sounds like you have it covered though, because as long as
ctrl-l and "/" work, (filling the appearing dialog with the current
path, text selected) and you can right click the path buttons and say
"copy location", there is no reason for a path entry field. Its
functionality is well replaced using the other methods discussed.

> Anyway, selecting/copying an icon in the file manager should put the
> path on the X PRIMARY clipboard to allow middle-click paste in a terminal, or
> paste into another open dialog; you don't need a path text entry for that.
> The need to switch very often indicates to me the design may be wrong.
> Also, copying and pasting paths to terminals/whatever really doesn't sound
> like the main function of a file manager to me. I don't think the target user
> of thunar uses terminals very often.

Though I think we have already found a better way to deal with this,
one must be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that "easy
to use" can't be super eficient and feature rich, and good for both
high level users and beginners. Features that don't get in the way
make workflow easier should be included, even if beginners are
unlikely to do much with them. Some of the worlds easiest more
intuitive interfaces are also the most powerful/feature rich.

A file manager should be easy enough for regulars folks, but powerful
enough for really knowledgable people who just like the convenience of
a clean file manager.

The goal is to make sure these very useful features don't clutter
everything up or get in the way, and it looks like we've already found
solutions to those problems: by using a "copy location" right click
context menu, and hotkeys for text entry, with a entry for "go to
location" function in the menu, that shows the hotkeys.

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