[Thunar-dev] ctrl-L can "/" can both be used

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Tue Apr 12 10:08:38 CEST 2005

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Jari Rahkonen wrote:
> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> Joe Crawford wrote:
>>>> Hmm... because of international keyboards, it would seem some people
>>>> prefer ctrl-l to backslash. I would suggest to make it easiest for
>>>> people coming from rox and nautilus, ctrl-l and "/" should both access
>>>> the text entry field. I do not believe they should act differently
>>>> however, as users would feel put out when they wanted to use the
>>>> method that didn't agree with their hotkey preference..
> I think the main thing here is to offer some level of consistency.  In
> GtkFileChooser, ctrl+L brings up the open location box.  In Firefox,
> ctrl+L focuses the location bar.  I understand Rox uses '/'.  Nautilus
> uses ctrl+L as well, correct?  I don't think we're going for the "have
> many ways of doing the same thing" philosophy here.  We should pick one,
> and stick with it.  IMHO, that should be ctrl+L.  Firefox alone (on
> Linux) most likely has more users than Rox, and I'd wager Nautilus does
> as well.  As GtkFileChooser becomes more widespread, I'm sure more
> people will have used apps with GtkFileChooser than those who have
> used Rox.
>> But GtkFileChooser uses both of the shortcuts. At least on my box it
>> does.

Huh.  That it does.  I stand corrected.  And it occurs to me that the
two shortcuts have a different purpose: ctrl+L opens an empty location
box, whereas '/' opens the box and prefills it with '/'.  So the former
is for navigating relative to the current path, and the latter is for
navigating via an absolute path.  So I suppose having both makes some
amount of sense.  It's just hard to make them *both* discoverable
without having an extra menu item that does almost the same thing.

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