[Thunar-dev] ctrl-L can "/" can both be used

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Mon Apr 11 21:28:24 CEST 2005

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Joe Crawford wrote:
> Hmm... because of international keyboards, it would seem some people
> prefer ctrl-l to backslash. I would suggest to make it easiest for
> people coming from rox and nautilus, ctrl-l and "/" should both access
> the text entry field. I do not believe they should act differently
> however, as users would feel put out when they wanted to use the
> method that didn't agree with their hotkey preference..

I think the main thing here is to offer some level of consistency.  In
GtkFileChooser, ctrl+L brings up the open location box.  In Firefox,
ctrl+L focuses the location bar.  I understand Rox uses '/'.  Nautilus
uses ctrl+L as well, correct?  I don't think we're going for the "have
many ways of doing the same thing" philosophy here.  We should pick one,
and stick with it.  IMHO, that should be ctrl+L.  Firefox alone (on
Linux) most likely has more users than Rox, and I'd wager Nautilus does
as well.  As GtkFileChooser becomes more widespread, I'm sure more
people will have used apps with GtkFileChooser than those who have used Rox.

> A big complaint about the ctrl+L method (or "/", any hotkey really) is
> discoverability. That is why I recomment a toggle button beside the
> path that goes from path buttons to text entry and back. What do
> people think of that idea?

As botsie mentioned, all shortcut keys should be listed next to their
corresponding menu items (since all features should be available from
the menu!), so discoverability isn't an issue.  A toggle button would
only clutter the UI, IMO.  Not only that, but you're introducing a mouse
click to enable an action that requires use of the keyboard (you might
even say that the user is using this feature specifically so they don't
have to use the mouse).  It just doesn't make sense.

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