[Installit-dev] InstallIt status report

Jannis Pohlmann info at sten-net.de
Mon Mar 13 22:20:02 CET 2006

Hi all,

just thought I should report about the status of InstallIt as we were
talking about possible release dates of Xfce 4.4 (April/May).

First of all, I'd like to relieve the minds of all those who were
wondering about the chaotic commit history I have caused lately. I was
kind of frustrated about huge parts of the code structure so I rewrote
the thing twice (almost) completely (ok, thrice - once in a different
language, but I didn't commit that).

Today I know that this frustration came from that I didn't knew enough
about how to write GUI software using GTK. I even wasn't informed about
GObject (especially the signal stuff). Due to this, the core and UI
code didn't work as well together as they could have done.

So I'd like to say thanks to Benny for the Thunar UI mockups written in
Python. Those were a great help in this case. I've rewritten the code a
third (fourth) time, now using GObject signals and a cleaner class
hierarchy. Most important parts of the main UI are finished and
everything is ready for the actual package management implementation
(install, remove, update). 
Fortunately, it's still up to six (or even eight weeks) until Xfce is
about to be released (hopefully), so chances are good that the easier
part of the package management (binary packages using available package
managers) will be ready by then. 

Now for the actual reason to write this status report: It would be nice
if we could come together on #xfce-dev about two weeks before the 4.4
release, so I can explain how developers can prepare their packages for
their mirrors (and the official Xfce InstallIt mirror, of course). What
do you think about this?

And, finally, the website http://installit.xfce.org has dramatically
changed - Trac was causing too much CPU usage so I just installed
DokuWiki yesterday and filled it with contents a few minutes ago.

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