[Goodies-dev] [Bug 16317] the time left dialog needs a lock button

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Sat Jan 11 06:01:42 CET 2020


--- Comment #10 from Andre Miranda <andreldm at xfce.org> ---
Even with your latest patch I have the same issue.

Add the functions below and calling them instead time_out_lock_screen_hide/show
did the trick for me. Is there any reason to hide the blocking dialog before
locking other than allowing the screen locker to grab?

time_out_lock_screen_grab (TimeOutLockScreen *lock_screen)
  time_out_lock_screen_grab_seat (lock_screen->seat, lock_screen->window);

time_out_lock_screen_ungrab (TimeOutLockScreen *lock_screen)
  gdk_seat_ungrab (lock_screen->seat);

Notice that grab won't work because the screen locker holds it, you can add
parameters to time_out_lock_screen_grab_seat so it knows it should try to grab
indefinitely and with a larger retry interval (i.e. 1 sec).

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