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I didn't have much time and was not able to build the git repo code but I believe this could be easily fixed by changing line 165 in panel-plugin/mailwatch-plugin.c. I'm not sure what way round but instead of saying 
'if (new_messages != mwp->new_messages) {'
changing the '!=' to a '<' or '>' (depending on which one is the updated one which I couldn't figure out so quickly...) such that only the case of more messages than before is true.
Sorry for the crude explanation, I'm not a developer^^


21. Nov 2017 08:51 by vlatko.surlan at evorion.hr:

> I can confirm this. It annoys the heck out of me to the point I've applied as a dev for this plugin but haven't had the time to fix it as of yet.>  > Definitely not the type of behavior you would expect. I also have an audio notification played so it's an additional nuisance.>  
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>  Hi,
> I am using my XFCE4 Desktop with the Mailwatch Plugin that tells me whether I have a new mail or not. Now, eventually I leave one email unread to remind me to answer it next time I open my mailbox. Let's consider the following case:
> I had 1 unread message and get a new (second) one (that I get notified about from Mailwatch). I read it (thus not being marked as unread anymore) and I press the'Update Now' button. I expect not to get a notification as the other unread message was marked (and notified about) before already, but happen to get a notification anyway.
> I was wondering whether this may be called a bug, if there is a simple solution and whether you knew about it :-)
> Greetings.
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