[Goodies-dev] [Bug 9068] New: Idea: Merge with xfce4-power-manager?

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Fri Jun 29 10:59:22 CEST 2012


          Priority: Medium
            Bug ID: 9068
          Assignee: frivoal at xfce.org
           Summary: Idea: Merge with xfce4-power-manager?
        QA Contact: goodies-dev at xfce.org
          Severity: normal
    Classification: Panel Plugins
                OS: Linux
          Reporter: raphgro at web.de
          Hardware: Other
            Status: NEW
           Version: git
         Component: General
           Product: Xfce4-battery-plugin

The battery plugin is somehow redundant cause there is now xfce4-power-manager
with more features. It would be nice to have the plugin source inside.
- Package maintainers only need to maintain one single package (versus
currently tow) for power purposes.
- xfce4-power-manager places its icon into systray, so there's a dependency to
the panel stuff anyways.
- Users don't get confused what package to install, they keep to be free to
choose if they would like a separate plugin or the systray icon.
- Only one upstream development's main stream. Decisions about new features can
be taken more centrally.

- ?

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