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--- Comment #32 from Klaus Kusche <klaus.kusche at computerix.info> 2011-06-25 17:40:03 CEST ---
But Xfce's main argument today is being light and offering choices (compared to
Gnome), that's why I'm (and many others) are using it. I just switched from
Gnome to Xfce, and it reduced the number of packages on my system by about 100
and improved startup time a lot, still offering more or less the same
functionality I used before.

If I wanted the full feature set of upower, it makes no sense duplicating it.
But then, I would use xfpm+upower and not the battery plugin.

But if I just want to have the batt status displayed (and shutdown issued if
it is low), and no display backlight and DPMS setting and disk tuning for batt
power, and no dbus application notification, I'm using < 10 % of upower and the
other dependencies pulled in, and for using just < 10 % of it, pulling in all
that mess makes no sense. 

And I'm always afraid that it pulls in some magic I don't want. For example,
the gnome power manager insisted on switching to laptop mode, increasing disk
commit interval to 10 minutes, and tuning some vfs and vm parameters. Not
documented, not configurable, not even possible to turn off, absolutely silly
on an SSD-only laptop (where it saves no noticeable power), and completely
unacceptable to me w.r.t. data consistency.

So let's keep the battery plugin as the light solution and xfpm+upower for
those who need all the bells and whistles.

Getting just AC and batt state requires only reading 2-6 files, and it already
works (on linux). And that interface is most likely by far more stable than
upower etc..

It's perhaps not worth porting the battery plugin to new interfaces (especially
if xfpm + upower already support the new interface), but maintaining the
existing functionality on existing plattforms should be easy and makes sense.

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