[Goodies-dev] Maintainers for some of my projects wanted (Jannis Pohlmann)

Connor Behan connor.behan at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 21:47:21 CET 2011

I don't mind taking over verve. Sorry it took me so long to reply to 
this, I just wanted to look through the source to see what this would 

On 09/12/11 03:00 AM, goodies-dev-request at xfce.org wrote:
> I am looking for a new maintainer for some of the open source projects
> I started over the last couple of years. Due to taking a full-time
> position as a software engineer, I will have less spare time to hack in
> the near future than I had while being a student. I will continue
> contributing to Xfce but I would like to focus on core development
> (thunar, tumbler, garcon etc.).
> As a consequence, I am looking for people interested in maintaining the
> following projects:
>    * thunar-media-tags-plugin:
>      http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/thunar-plugins/thunar-media-tags-plugin
>    * xfce4-verve-plugin:
>      http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/panel-plugins/xfce4-verve-plugin
>    * xfce4-mixer:
>      http://xfce.org/projects/xfce4-mixer
>    * xfce4-time-out-plugin
>      http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/panel-plugins/xfce4-time-out-plugin
>    * jptemplate:
>      http://lunar-linux.org/~jannis/jptemplate/
> Most of these are smaller projects but some of them (like
> thunar-media-tags-plugin and xfce4-mixer) have many users.
> xfce4-mixer is particularly interesting, I think. It?s code base is of
> medium size and it lacks integration with notification daemons, key
> bindings for muting and altering the volume of a selected channel.
> Also, the per-channel widgets could be arranged in better ways than
> they are right now. PulseAudio support has been requested several times
> but that is an entirely different story. xfce4-mixer is mainly intended
> as a mixer for GStreamer. A PulseAudio mixer would better be written
> from scratch. But if anyone is up for the task - why not!
> If you are interested in maintaining any of the above (yes, you are
> free to rename jptemplate to something that does not carry my
> initials!), please reply to this mail.
> (You will need knowledge of C, GLib and GTK+ for the Xfce projects and
> VIM script for jptemplate. But in particular panel plugins are really
> simple, so the code base should be easy to understand even for a GTK+
> newbie who is willing to read API manuals.)
>    - Jannis

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