[Goodies-dev] [Bug 3041] cpugraph plugin can't be built on GNU/kFreeBSD

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--- Comment #4 from Florian Rivoal <frivoal at gmail.com> 2010-03-07 16:39:50 UTC ---
This part of the code behind #ifdef __linux__ isn't using the glibc in
particular. It is using the /proc filesystem to find information from the
kernel, and that is typical of the linux kernel.

I suppose (and googling around seems to confirm that) that freebsd provides an
emulation of that linux proc file system, so that's why the patch works. But it
works because Freebsd supports /proc, not because GNU/kFreeBSD uses glibc.
There is no guarantee that /proc will be available on any operating system that
uses glibc. So using __GLIBC__ isn't a reliable way of checking if /proc is

That said, I am interested in supporting GNU/kFreeBSD, so I'll apply a similar
patch, but rather that __GLIBC__, following the guideline posted in the link
below, I'll be using __FreeBSD_kernel__.


What I still have to see is if I'll read from /proc or if I'll use the FreeBSD
system call. The second options sounds more native to GNU/kFreeBSD to me, but
either way would be fine.

In any case, you can expect GNU/kFreeBSD support for 0.5

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