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--- Comment #21 from Florian Rivoal <frivoal at xfce.org> 2010-12-27 14:53:13 CET ---
I am coming late to the conversation, but as I took over the maintenance of
this pluigin, I guess my opinion is relevant.

xfpm does a good job at what it does, so I don't see any need to make this
plugin become closer to it, or merge with it (of course, xfpm is free to take
piece of code from here if there is anything useful.

I particular, I don't plan to port it to hal, devicekit, upower, or whatever
fancy thing queries your hardware these days, because I think part of the point
of maintaining this despite the existance of xfpm is to be able to run on
systems where HAL, upower and friends don't exist.

I might at some point add hal or upower support, but that will be in addition
to, not in replacement of manual detection.

For full disclosure, I haven't looked yet at how the code in either the upower
or hal branch work, so I don't really know yet what I am missing.

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